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Polycarboante roof at BIA
Upper Kothmale - Hand Railings
Tractor Trailer
Upper Kothmale - Guard Railings
Haloya Vidul Mini Hydro Power Plant - Inside
Holcim Project - Rolling of Steel Plates
Haloya Vidul Mini Hydro Power Plant
Pipe Bridge
Rock Fall-prevention Fence - Upper Kothmale

About us


  • Integrity, Honesty and a respect for life
  • A passion for People and Technology
  • Innovation and the constant need for better solutions
  • The Need to complete undertakings surpassing client expectations.
  • The belief that our customers are our biggest mouthpiece
  • Transparency in all our dealings
  • Accountability, in a greater sense to God, Man and Society

Engineering Innovators (Pvt) Limited is a professional engineering construction company serving to the most prestigious organizations and government bodies in Sri Lanka for more than three decades for their engineering problems.

Engineering Innovators engaged in Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering fields which makes single solution provider to vast variety of problems faced by the clients. Engineering Innovators is specialized in Road construction, Building construction, Building Services engineering, Design, Fabrication and Installation of steel buildings, various steel fabrications, and stainless steel fabrications.