Innovaters Engineers

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Engineering Solutions

Polycarboante roof at BIA
Upper Kothmale - Hand Railings
Tractor Trailer
Upper Kothmale - Guard Railings
Haloya Vidul Mini Hydro Power Plant - Inside
Holcim Project - Rolling of Steel Plates
Haloya Vidul Mini Hydro Power Plant
Pipe Bridge
Rock Fall-prevention Fence - Upper Kothmale

Products & Services


  • Easy Fixing Shuttering Boards (Form Work)
  • Mobile Houses
  • Temporary Steel Buildings – suitable for Project Offices
  • Pre-cast concrete products
  • Traffic Sign boards
  • Tractor Trailers and Bowsers
  • Gully Bowsers
  • Movable Concrete Batching Plants


Civil Engineering
  • Road Consturction
  • Road Structure preperation
  • Road Finishing work
  • Road Constuction Material Supply
  • Building Construction
  • Installation of Road Studs
  • Application of Thermo plastic Road markings
Mechanical Engineering
  • Mild Steel Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Temporary Building construction
  • Installation of W Beam crash barriers